Meet Entry
There are two different ways to electronically submit your entry.  The deadline for receipt of your electronic entry is October 6.
Via USA Gymnastics:
This must be done by your Club Administor assigned on the USA Gymnastics website.
Goto, and sign in.
Click on Member Services (across the top of the page)
Click on Club Administration --> Meet Reservations
On the bottom right of this screen, find the button "Search For Meets"
In the "Search For Meets" dialogue box, select "Women" for Discipline Type and "SC" for State, then click Search
Click on Fall For Gymnastics
On the "Club Administration > Meet Reservations" screen, enter the required information regarding your club.
Continuing on this screen, scroll down and select your athletes for each level.  If you have an incorrect level for an athlete on, you can change her level later.
While the reservation system will accept athletes for any level, please contact the meet director if you would like to send any athletes not in Levels 1 - 5.
Once complete, click on Submit
Via Excel and e-mail:
Click here to open the link with the file
This will open the file in Google Docs.  Please be sure to click on the Download button on the upper right to create a download file.
Click on Open with Microsoft Excel.
Enter your data for your club, athletes, and coaches.
Once complete, save your file using Save As.
E-mail this completed file to
Please mail payment, checks payable to DEG Sound, LLC, to be received by October 11, 2017.
David Gale - Meet Director
Acrosmith Gymnastics
282 Rocky Creek Rd
Greenville, SC  29615
Fall For Gymnastics